Dogwood Camp

  • Dogwood is a very versatile camp and includes the newest facilities at Blue Lake.

  • Each of the four recently built cabins now includes two separate sleeping rooms with full bathrooms, divided by a full kitchen, along with a meeting/dining space.  This allows groups to cook their own meals if they so choose, though Blue Lake food service is still available.

  • All cabins/meeting spaces are heated/air conditioned.

  • This camp also includes a quarter gymnasium and two multi-purpose meeting spaces that overlook the lake.

  • Additional activities include, a bonfire ring, Gaga pit, and other activities that go up seasonally.

  • Dogwood is also home to the camp's main waterfront with many activities including: stand up paddle boards, canoeing, and inflatables.

  • With 144 beds, this camp is a great option for groups of all sizes.

Craft Hut
Perfect place for crafts, also with a gymnasium attached.
Cabin Lobby
Dogwood cabin lobby with a full kitchen in back.
Sleeping Room
Inside the Craft Hut
Plenty of space for any craft, or bible study.
Full Kitchen
Inside every Dogwood cabin there is a full kitchen complete with dishes and a dishwasher.
Cabin Room Bathrooms
Four stalls and four showers.
Dogwood Gym
Gym between the Dogwood cabins and attached to the Craft Hut
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