Our History

Blue Lake United Methodist Assembly started as only a dream of a few people sitting on the shores of beautiful Blue Lake in the 1940's, but it was not until 1951 when the first camp was held.  The campers that year wanted to be at camp so badly that they all slept in tents and all of the meals were cooked over a roaring campfire!  

        The first building was not built until the following year which was a stunning dining hall that overlooks the lake.  When all of Pinewood was finished it would sleep 160 guests!

        A lot has changed since those early days - there are now 3 separate modern camps (Pinewood, Dogwood, and Oakwood), all of which were built to meet the many different needs of our guests - all together we can now sleep 525!  We are also much more than a summer camp, serving all kinds of guests and accommodating the needs of all different age groups and types of groups.

        Blue Lake has had the privilege of receiving faithful support from numerous groups such as the United Methodist Women (donations and funding for new buildings), United Methodist Men (bunk bed renovation project and many other work days), and of course the NOMADS who complete several projects each year.

​        Despite the changes and improvements over the years, we continue to honor our rich history, the legacies of those that have gone before us, and the original mission and vision of Blue Lake United Methodist Camp.