Oakwood Lodge

  • Oakwood features a lodge that includes hotel style and dorm style rooms with two to three beds per room.  It can accommodate small groups who only need a few rooms, to groups of 240 people.  This flexibility makes it perfect for meetings, conferences, retreats and just about any other use you can think of.

  • It is also home to several conference and meeting rooms of different sizes, our main dining hall, a large chapel, a massive gymnasium adjacent to the lodge, a short walk to an extensive waterfront and a variety of other amenities.

Hotel Style Room
Hotel Style with private bathroom.
Vickers Gym
Vickers Gym adjacent to Oakwood.
Dorm Style Room
Dorm Style room with community bathrooms.
Private Bathroom
Private bathroom for the Hotel Styled rooms, complete with a personal shower.
Wesley Chapel
Beautiful Chapel connected to the Oakwood building.
Community Bathroom
Community bathroom, for the Dorm Styled rooms, with three stalls and three showers.
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