Blue Lake's desire is that NO camper will be turned away due to financial hardship. If financial assistance is needed, we have a few options available!

Partial Scholarship

If you just need some assistance getting your child to camp, this option is for you! Throughout the year when we host various camps and retreats, we give the campers and volunteers a chance to donate to Blue Lake. Any money collected during these opportunities goes directly into our Scholarship Fund. With this money we do our best to give assistance to as many families as we can so no one is left at home due to finances!

Full Scholarship - Each One, Reach One

This program is the newest addition to our fundraising and donating options! This program allows church groups, clubs, Sunday School classes, or even a group of friends can come together to sponsor a child to go to camp. When the group donates enough to send a child to camp, they are paired with that child's family so the group can pray for the child and be connected with the child who's life they impacted. At the end of the summer, the child is encouraged to connect with that group and tell them the fun they had and how God impacted them at Blue Lake!

Partial Scholarship

Application Deadline:

April 15th 2020


Important: When applying for a scholarship, BOTH the Scholarship Application and the Camper Registration forms need to be printed, filled out by hand and MAILED to Blue Lake.

Each One, Reach One 

Application Deadline:

April 1st, 2020

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